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What’s In Our First Aid Courses?

Understanding first aid isn’t difficult, but remembering how to use it under pressure can be! We use interactive teaching methods with a range of common scenarios, to make the learning memorable when it matters. It’s also great fun!

Further Course Information

Dynamic and accessible first aid training for individuals, groups and businesses.


All our courses are accredited and adhere to strict HSE guidelines. Externally Regulated Ofqual qualifications are available upon request.


Top quality training at affordable prices. We offer high impact, cost effective courses with excellent discounts for group bookings.


Train onsite at your own venue, or come to one of our dedicated local training centers.

How We Can Help

Why Learn First Aid?

Accidents happen all the time in the home, in the street, in the gym, at work in the countryside. Being able to respond immediately and applying first aid can make all the difference. Our courses are broken down into different sections and the depth we go into will depend on the course you choose.

On a day course we will cover CPR and defibrillation and how to deal with an unconscious casualty, obviously a scary situation to be in but if handled properly could save a life and promote recovery, you will also learn the importance of calling for help as soon as possible as it can make a massive difference to the health and recovery of the patient.

You will learn how to deal with choking in adults and infants, choking occurs fairly commonly and can be life threatening. We then move onto bleeding, which could be a simple cut or a serious bleed, knowing how to stop it is an important part of first aid as is dealing with shock.

You also look at breaks and how to immobilise a fracture. Then you look at burns and how to alleviate the pain and reduce further damage.

We also look at some fairly common diseases and ailments such as asthma, diabetes and epilepsy.

Attending one of our first aid courses will give you the skills you need to feel confident to act if faced with any of these scenarios.

Learn skills that could help you save lives

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